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About Bullmastiffs


According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Bullmastiff is a strong and powerfully built animal that possesses great intelligence and a willingness to please, making them ideal family companions and protectors. Although large, the breed remains both agile and active and is successful in conformation, obedience, agility, tracking, carting and therapy work. The Bullmastiff's coat may be red, fawn or brindle.


The Bullmastiff's known history in England begins around 1860, when they were developed to keep large estates and game preserves free of poachers. Gameskeepers needed a dog that could track quietly, cover short distances quickly and pin and hold poachers without mauling them. The foundation breeding was 60% Mastiff and 40% Bulldog; breeders were hoping to create a dog faster and more aggressive than the Mastiff, yet bigger than and not as ferocious as the Bulldog.


The Bullmastiff is fearless and confident, yet remains docile and sweet-natured with his family. They are natural guardians of the home, but do not bark much, as silence was a virtue when guarding estates. Bullmastiffs are independent thinkers and may not respond to traditional obedience training. The breed does not require much exercise or grooming, and can live happily in a house or apartment.



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Male bullmastiffs are usually 25-27 inches at the shoulder, and usually range from 110-130 pounds.



Female bullmastiffs are usually 24-26 inches at the shoulder, and usually range from 100-120 pounds.


You must be patient when it comes to watching a bullmastiff puppy grow and develop. It takes bullmastiffs a while to become the large and powerful dogs that they are known to be.


These dogs are slow growers and should remain as such. A female bullmastiff will not likely reach her full physical maturity until close to 18 or 20 months of age. It takes the males 3 to 3.5 years and ocasionally a little longer before reaching full size and weight.


The key is to be patient while watching your puppy grow.


Bullmastiffs are like children. They love you and want you to pay them lots of attention. They think you have nothing else going on in your life except to spend time with them. They constantly want to be around you if not sitting in your lap. They think that you want to hold them, even when they are full grown. They will lean on you, sit on your feet, and slobber all over you when they are trying to give you kisses.



The Bullmastiff is an alert guard dog that is very devoted to its human family. These dogs have a good-natured temperament, they are docile and affectionate, but will fearlessly protect their family if provoked. Bullmastiffs are intelligent dogs that are very loyal and crave human leadership. These dogs are also even-tempered and calm, which make them great with kids.  The Bullmastiff is extremely powerful and needs a firm master who is confident and consistent with the rules set upon the dog. Be sure to socialize extensively with both people and other dogs at an early age.