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Big Creek Bullmastiffs Contract and Health Guarantee


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Big Creek Bullmastiffs

Contract of Sale and Health Guarantee

This guarantee is to protect both the buyer and the seller. We take great pride, care, and pleasure in providing you with a happy and healthy puppy.

The “BUYER” shall herein be defined as: ________________________________________.

The “SELLER” shall herein be defined as Big Creek Bullmastiffs, Cory or Karla McBryar.

"PUPPY/DOG" shall herein be defined as:  A bullmastiff pet puppy/dog, (Registered or Registerable) with The American Kennel Club (AKC).


Our Guarantee to the Buyer

We guarantee this puppy is purebred and registerable with AKC (American Kennel Club).

We guarantee our puppies to be in good health to the best of our knowledge.

We guarantee the puppy, until their first birthday, to be free of congenital defects. Disorders covered under this contract include: severe hip dysplasia, kidney, heart, liver and spine conditions that severely limit or alter the life of the puppy or dog.

We guarantee the puppies' hips and elbows for the first year from any dysplasia caused by a genetic defect as deemed by 2 licensed veterinarians of Breeder’s choice.  Guarantee does not include dysplasia from, but not limited to the following:


Poor Nutrition

Over supplementation



Injury from jumping or falling

Accidents not in the Breeders control





Big Creek Bullmastiffs does not assume any liability for anything that might happen to the puppy/dog after it leaves their property.

The Breeder is not responsible for Distemper, Parvo, or Corona Virus after 24 hours of sale, as these are highly contagious diseases and they can be contacted immediately after leaving the breeder.

There are certain disorders that may be caused by environments; for example: allergies, thyroid dysfunction, demodectic mange and other autoimmune disorders that are not covered by this guarantee.

The guarantee does not cover common conditions such as entropion, loose hips, stenotic nares, skin allergies, worms or bacterial infections. This guarantee also does not cover if the puppy is injured by accident, neglect, abuse or if problems arise due to breeding.

This guarantee does not include: fleas, mites, kennel cough, coccidia, giardia or any other intestinal worms/parasites as they are common in dogs and puppies. This guarantee does not cover demodex (red mange) or mange of any type.

Minor problems such as diarrhea, Coccidiosis, wormy stools, etc. are common and must be treated. These conditions are the responsibility of the purchaser and should be checked by a veterinarian. This also includes Parvo, Corona virus or Giardia. Minor health problems that can be cured by medication or surgery are not covered by this guarantee.


As of the delivery date, the puppy/dog has received proper vaccinations and dewormings by a licensed veterinarian. The buyer has been informed of these and future vaccinations and dewormings due. The veterinarian- issued current shot record is provided and is to be taken to the buyer's licensed veterinarian in order to provide information at the time the pup is being vet-checked. Annual shots and health exams are at the buyer's expense which also includes any illnesses that may occur during the life of the pup/dog.


Buyer’s Responsibilities

This guarantee is null and void if the terms are not fulfilled.

For the health guarantee to remain valid, the owner must have puppy/dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of delivery. Seller must be informed immediately of the examination’s result by e-mail or in writing.

The owner must also provide the puppy with preventive care, including but not limited to de-wormings, vaccines (rabies, parvo and distemper), heart-worm treatment, and vet checks.

If animal is sold, transferred, or given away the health guarantee will be void.

Recognizing the unique nutritional requirement of the breed, this guarantee shall be null and void if the dog has been given calcium or vitamin supplementation of any kind that has not been first agreed upon between Breeder and Buyer in writing, even if recommended by a veterinarian. This does not pertain to the breeder recommended NuVet Plus.


The Buyer MUST put the puppy on NuVet Plus Tabs for at least 12 months after purchase of puppy/dog for this Contract/Health Guarantee to be in compliance. NuVet Plus boosts up your puppy’s immune system. The parents have been on NuVet Plus which also passed thru the mother's milk, and the puppies are on NuVet Plus after weaning. You can find out more about NuVet Plus from our website. You must have the Breeders Referral to order this product: NuVet Labs, Phone: 1-800-474-7044, Order Code: 60289

As a new puppy owner, you can prevent premature aging, skin problems, arthritis, cataracts & tumors with a healthy immune system, and there will be less Vet visits for sickness. It's up to the puppy owner to make sure they keep the puppy healthy and the immune system high. NuVet plus is key to making sure your puppy/dog is as healthy as possible.

All costs for vet exams and treatments done within the 72 hours are the purchasers' responsibility. The seller needs to be notified by the buyer within the 72 hours, in writing or email (name of clinic, attending vet, city, state and phone number) that the pup has been vet checked. All vet exams, treatments and any other expenses (training, dog food, heartworm meds, dog treats, leashes, collars, toys, feeding and water bowls, bedding and items needed, etc.) are the full responsibility of the buyer from the time the buyer takes possession of the puppy.


The Health Guarantee

This puppy is guaranteed until 1 year of age against fatal and life altering congenital disease which adversely affects the health of the animal.

The animal must show the defect by one year of age. The Seller must be notified of the problem immediately by email or by phone of the licensed veterinarian's determination and have two reports from two unassociated licensed veterinarians stating the same puppy with the same problem and the Seller will provide a replacement puppy of equivalent value. This only applies to the original puppy not the replacement puppy.

If the dog dies in this one year time frame, the buyer must pay to have a necropsy done to ascertain the cause of death. If the reason is congenital, the Seller will replace the puppy/dog with one that is equivalent in value to the original puppy/dog that was purchased. A written report of the necropsy from a licensed veterinarian must be provided in order to obtain a replacement puppy.

All items covered under this guarantee are by replacement only. We do not give refunds.

A puppy/dog with a defect must be returned to the Seller in good condition, other than specified problem, or the puppy/dog shall be euthanized with prior permission of the Seller at the Buyer’s expense to qualify for a replacement puppy. No replacement will be given if the puppy/dog has been bred, spayed, neutered or euthanized without the seller’s permission.

The Breeder has the right to seek a second opinion by a veterinarian of choice.  If any disputes arise as to the cause or validity of the defect, both parties agree to select a third mutually agreed upon veterinarian specialist to resolve the dispute.  Expense for such specialist consultation will be split evenly between the Buyer and Breeder.

If a puppy/dog is returned, all registration and papers must be returned to the Seller. If the registration paper work of the returning puppy has been filled out but not sent to AKC (American Kennel Club), it will be at the purchaser's expense to have it replaced. If the AKC application has already been sent to AKC, the buyer must provide it, with a transfer fee.

Replacement puppy will be mutually agreed upon by both parties and will be of comparable quality. It is understood that the replacement puppy may not be from the exact same parents as original puppy. Buyer is responsible for transportation costs to and from the Seller on the replacement.

This guarantee applies to the original puppy only and is nontransferable to a second party.

The buyer also agrees that if for any reason in the lifetime of the puppy/dog, they can no longer keep in their possession said puppy/dog, that they will relinquish ownership back to the Seller, Big Creek Bullmastiffs. Under no circumstances is the Buyer to release the puppy/dog to any Rescue Group, Shelter, or any other type of facility for re-homing. Buyer is to contact Big Creek Bullmastiffs immediately and arrange for puppy/dog to be released back to Seller, where it will always have a home. Seller may also try to find another suitable home for the returned puppy/dog. All registration papers must come with the puppy/dog.

Any GUARANTEES stated in this contract will be VOID should a problem arise that is a result of the BUYER’S negligence due to improper care of the puppy or dog.




 Shipping costs are non-refundable.

 All costs for vet exam, health certificate, crate and shipping will be paid for by the buyer prior to shipping. Puppy/dog will be shipped at eight (8) weeks of age.

 If the airlines will not allow shipping due to weather, and cannot be rescheduled within 7 days, then a refund of the amount for shipping will be refunded to the Buyer and the Buyer will be responsible for making arrangements to receive the puppy/dog.

This written agreement is a binding contract entered into in the State of Alabama and is the entire agreement between the buyer/customer and seller/breeder concerning the health conditions or loss of this puppy. Any litigation commenced shall take place in the state of Alabama and in the county of Geneva.


The BUYER’S signature below indicates that he or she has read, agrees and understands all the conditions of the Contract of Sale and Health Guarantee as presented by Big Creek Bullmastiffs.



Date: ______________


Signature of Buyer: ________________________________________


Signature of Seller: _______________________________________